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Real Peoples Media Foundation and Trust, The People Voice in BOLD

Welcome to RPM News, a 100% independent news-aggregation website.

  • About: Real Peoples Media produces hard-hitting progressive news and analysis. Real Peoples Media is a Janus project of the Real Peoples Foundation and Trust.
  • Mandate: Real Peoples Media is editorially independent. It operates under the Real Peoples Foundation and Trust’s mandate and focuses on issues that fall broadly within the following categories: social and economic equality; green economy; and democratic renewal.
  • Commitment: Real Peoples Media delivers news, analysis, and commentary in an entertaining way. Though taking strong editorial positions, Real Peoples Media is – first and foremost – driven by facts.  All information presented by Real Peoples Media is sourced and supported by links to credible and relevant online sources.

* Beta site screenshot from waybackmachine – Nov 6 2015 TOC

Corn Press, Mohawk Publisher

Welcome to Corn Press Publishing! We’re a team of doers who love to grow, build, create and explore the world around us. We invite you to join us in the quest to enrich life through hands-on activities and experiences.

Two Row Times – A first nations media website

Two Row Times website is a fast growing venture, with many features that help reach a wide audience.

The Two Row Times is a free weekly news publication aimed at reaching the Ontario-wide Native market as well as Haudenosaunee communities in the United States. We used our pre-launch issue to introduce our project and our team. The first full issue of the Two Row Times launched with a print run of 20,000 copies on August 21st. 2013, and is now distributed on every reserve in Ontario and in neighboring non-Native communities.

Visit: TwoRowTimes.com

Cannabis Growers of Grand River Country

The Cannabis Growers of Grand River Country society is an association of cannabis businesses within the Grand River Country that are dedicated to building a non-colonial, free and fair craft cannabis economy. It was founded on the belief that every Mohawk National and such others of the Six Nations Confederacy (including but not limited to Canadians) retain the right to access high-quality, locally grown cannabis from a craft cannabis producer of their choosing, and that the best way to produce cannabis is to empower local entrepreneurs to create jobs and support their local economy.

BTFDNews – A news media website and social campaign

Support one of Canada’s upcoming independent voices for social change and environmental justice.

BTFDNews’s lifespan will be directly tied to the amount of time and energy our writers spend, and from the ongoing community support of readers like you who recognize the value of independent media and believe in BTFDNews’s ability to serve the community with a focus on collaborative writing, open journalism and analysis that provides a unique view on local issues that matter to everyone.

As a volunteer-driven, non-profit publication, BTDNews does not use ads to generate funds and currently with limited financial input that covers only a fraction of the cost of production, we couldn’t be more grateful when those who are able choose to give a little more. In exchange for your contribution, we’ll include your name on our donor list. (unless you prefer to remain anonymous).


Haudenosaunee & Raseron:ni Neighbourhood Association of Brantford

The site was set up for the Haudenosaunee & Raseron:ni Neighbourhood Association of Brantford as a point of contact for news, events and volunteer schedule.

Established in either 1142 or 1451, the Five Nations Iroquois confederacy consisted of the Mohawks, the Oneidas, the Onondagas, the Cayugas, and the Senecas. When the Tuscaroras joined in 1712 the union adapted the name Haudenosaunee, which translates to mean “People building a longhouse”.

In treaties and other colonial documents they were known as the “Six Nations.”  While each tribe controlled its own domestic affairs, the council at Onondaga controlled matters that referred to the nation as a whole. Similarly, despite the fact that all spoke the same language, each tribe had a distinct dialect of its own. Thus not only did the Iroquois provide a strong government and military base to protect their farmland, they also formed one of the nation’s earliest and strongest diplomacies.

The Geographic boundaries of Brantford, Six nations Domain are unbound and transcend the political boundaries of the Corporation of the City of Brantford and will continue to grow as we develop a demographic of our members.

Haudenosaunee & Raseron:ni Neighbourhood Association of Brantford offers programs, services and events to enrich personal, peer and Haudenosaunee & Raseron:ni good governance relationships.

Everyone in Brantford has the opportunity to engage and participate in their distinct and extrinsic community. Building a mechanism to help both communities determine who is Haudenosaunee & who is Raseron:ni.

We believe that everyone has the opportunity to participate;
We believe in community development through partnerships and collaboration;
We believe volunteerism is the foundation of our organization;
We believe in creating a safe, fun environment for all;
We believe in transparency, confidentiality and respect for one another and our community.


Kanienkeha – An Endandered Mohawk Language Website

This is a language site that I built as a personal pet project that Helps me learn the Mohawk Language. There is a lot of features to the site and a lot of information to help the viewer become familiar with the endangered status of the Mohawk language. A forum helps build a community zone to test new words or share stories and internet media with other like-minded people.

The design was made to let the viewer have some fun elements that will eventually be slightly more animated. A dark background was used to lower the impact of the prolonged use of the site. With a mobile-first approach, the site will meet and size dimensions.

A social media was fully themed using the website’s graphics, and playful colors. @mohdictionary was chosen for the English familiarity.

Visit the site at these domains.

Visit our Social Media

If you want to donate to this awesome project.

Know c10 Anti-Campaign, Website and Graphics

Knowc10.com is a project that helps inform the divergent communities in North America and also globally of the concerns put forth by native communities. We built this site to help with that goal, the site was built to appeal to both Canadians and North American natives.