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Real Peoples Media Foundation and Trust, The People Voice in BOLD

Welcome to RPM News, a 100% independent news-aggregation website.

  • About: Real Peoples Media produces hard-hitting progressive news and analysis. Real Peoples Media is a Janus project of the Real Peoples Foundation and Trust.
  • Mandate: Real Peoples Media is editorially independent. It operates under the Real Peoples Foundation and Trust’s mandate and focuses on issues that fall broadly within the following categories: social and economic equality; green economy; and democratic renewal.
  • Commitment: Real Peoples Media delivers news, analysis, and commentary in an entertaining way. Though taking strong editorial positions, Real Peoples Media is – first and foremost – driven by facts.  All information presented by Real Peoples Media is sourced and supported by links to credible and relevant online sources.

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Cannabis Growers of Grand River Country

The Cannabis Growers of Grand River Country society is an association of cannabis businesses within the Grand River Country that are dedicated to building a non-colonial, free and fair craft cannabis economy. It was founded on the belief that every Mohawk National and such others of the Six Nations Confederacy (including but not limited to Canadians) retain the right to access high-quality, locally grown cannabis from a craft cannabis producer of their choosing, and that the best way to produce cannabis is to empower local entrepreneurs to create jobs and support their local economy.