We are a full service photography studio based in Brantford, Ontario. As you browse this site, we’re sure you will be impressed by our range of photography services, professionalism and attention to detail.

In the portfolio, you will find a mix of work that is shot both on film and digitally.

Projects for clients will be shot digitally unless requested otherwise.¬†Doolittle Productions is currently available for event photography, portraits, headshots, and more — serving the Brantford, Haldimand areas. Please contact for rates and scheduling.


It all begins with a concept from you. That dream becomes a passion. We bridge the visual communication gap – developing that idea into a visual experience that emanates professionalism and communicates efficiently – to your target audience.

Getting a clear definition of the scope of work is vital to staying within a realistic budget and timeline for delivery of your website.

Pre-production consults develop concepts into outlines, flowcharts, and eventually a primitive skeleton site for a general visual layout. Next, this information architecture is submitted to our Graphic Designers to develop a unique & fluid visual page by page layout.


We thrive in creativity and enjoy the challenge of creating a masterpiece for every client. We don’t sell pre-packed themes! We develop our own ideas – translating them into the most desirable form of mass-communication.

Our designers are artists, they understand traditional methods and effectively translate them to the computer – delivering an experience that is visually engaging with rollovers, animations and most importantly depth! Looks are important – but so is site navigability.

We clearly define menus and content regions – with a custom GUI and icons. We work closely with the client to deliver a product that has a memorable user experience – guaranteeing repeat visits for years to come.


Generating compliant code that is cross browser and backwards compatible with today’s latest browsers: Internet Explorer, Apple Safari, Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox.

From design to the internet, our mission is to create an experience that is 100% identical – no matter what computer, browser or device you are using.

Our team of experienced programmers can create an interactive user experience by combining rollovers and other dynamic animated effects that engage the user and build a unique experience for the end user.


Why use WordPress to manage your website content? Because it’s the largest blogging platform in the world, used on millions of sites and seen by tens of millions of people every day.

The numbers speak for themselves – but honestly, we prefer WordPress because we demand the best Content Management System for our clients; ease-of-use, flexibility (thousands of plugins available), and a large developer community sharing and contributing, making the software better – faster.

We offer custom WordPress Plugin development for functionality that is beyond the core WordPress and not offered elsewhere. Giving clients endless possibilities with the best Content Management System available.


There is a wealth of active web-based services that already exist. Tapping into these applications can greatly enhance the capabilities of one’s website without the extra cost of custom coding.

We can’t say enough about integrating 3rd party API’s into a WordPress based system.

Media content always uses precious server storage and system resources and that’s why we recommend YouTube, Vimeo and Flickr for such cases. Google offers a plethora of API’s that can be integrated into your site…from a robust site search using the Custom Site Search API to a listing of nearby store locations via the Google Maps API. And who doesn’t want to sell goods or services…use PayPal Payments Pro to receive payments from customers – instantly.


Yes, WordPress has a powerful CMS based core but sometimes it lacks muscle in other areas. Yes – there are plugins available (lots of them) but when they don’t or can’t deliver the unique functionality your website requires, we step in and help it flex!

Let’s face it, you’re a control freak, you want to take your content – place it where you want, when you want and showcase it publicly to your audience.

CMS based websites are a bit like time capsules – they capture everything with a date, time, name and any other sticker tags you’d like to keep them organized by. Doolittle Productions is here to deliver more than just a blogging experience to your website…making a site admin’s life much, MUCH easier – saving time and money in the long run.


You’ve got a content management system based website – now it’s time to focus on your target market, by automatically channeling content to your audience from your WordPress based CMS website.

Social media is the last phase to completing your website package. Social media is a hive of information with people hungry for instant data and sharing of media. Facebook, Twitter and Google+ help connect your audience together instantly through mobile devices – which are always on and nearby.

Once set up, your content will automatically be pushed to all of your preferred social media outlets – simply post once in WordPress and content is pushed to hundreds and even thousands of people instantly.