Benjamin III

We have lots of fun taking photos of our kids, this is our third son Benjamin III, a spitting image of the gerber baby…lol. I love taking photos of babies they are so small bringing a mini stido to location or your home is effortless, you may have a few nice heirloom blankets that can be used as backdrops or other fun stuff that you otherwise may not bring to the studio.

Super Moon

Super Moon

Im glad I had a chance to see the “supermoon”, it seems to be overcast anytime sky related events happen in Brantford, but this time it was clear and the weather was perfect.

After Alucards dance recital we noticed the moon was huge, when we got home we took some photos of the moon, I showed Alucard and Aeon how to use a shoe as a makeshift tripod. (using the 70-300 mm)

[exif id=”1233″]

Richard and Kelly

This was from my first wedding in Hamilton with the stunning Kelly and Richard the dashing, Nervous and strained from navigating the big city…lol, I was able to catch a few brilliant moments, after the ceremony and reception I got to work on the photos, and these are few gems from that amazing day.


This little cutie is such a little princess, using window light on a beanbag, I really enjoy taking photos of babies. Most find the camera mesmerizing and its not hard to get more than a few wall-hangers.


During the life of our studio we had the opportunity to photograph Emily, we took a few really great photos. Emily also creates some amazing artwork. ๐Ÿ™‚